The Short Short Version

I have taken the aspects I have loved most about working as a physiotherapist  – teaching, encouraging, inspiring, and put the best of me online.

Stress Busters for Busy Mums audio podcasts are inspired by conversations I have everyday with my clients and friends.

The artwork you see is one aspect of the creative part of me, answering questions and entertaining.

I am passionate about whole-person health, critical thinking, evidence-based research, and living life the full – Embrace Every Day!


The Long Long Version  (not required reading at all!)

My dream

I am a qualified Physiotherapist of 21 years and have had the privilege of educating clients about more than just their injuries.  When your clients become your friends during the hours you have spent together in treatment and rehabilitation, you get to discuss everything from holistic health and wellness, your kids, your creative passions, your frustrations and dreams.  You become a cheerleader as well as an educator.  This became the impetus for a dream of mine to start a rehabilitation retreat with a range of practitioners such as nutritionists, massage therapist, exercise physiologists, psychologist, and physicians to guide people to taste and embrace holistic wellness that could become lifestyle changes.  However, adding a husband and three young kids to my life, I found that I could literally only treat one client at a time, choosing to spend as much time at home with my kids as I could.

Come the age of the internet, I’ve realized I can reach and teach more people than I can ever imagine and impact the lives of others so they can embrace every day.  It may not be the retreat-style rehab I had once thought might work, but the reality of it is, I’m not sure others would be able to put their lives on hold for weeks at a time. Here, I can be along-side you, no matter where you live, guiding you, encouraging you constantly, through my posts, my podcasts, courses and the Live Life Sketch community.


My blessed trials

My gorgeous three children have brought much joy and tribulation to our home.  We have lived through the near death of my youngest, who at just 18 days of age, turned blue and I resuscitated him for 15 minutes until an ambulance arrived.  That led to a hospital stay of a week on oxygen and a year of constant heart rate monitoring.  My eldest had growth issues by his 3rd week of life and an anaphylactic reaction to dairy when he was 7 months old, that resulted in years of testing and now requires growth hormone treatment into his teenage years. All three of my children have life-threatening food allergies, non-life threatening food intolerances and have all made different amounts of recovery.  These crazy trials have made me voracious for empirical knowledge, debunking myths, and changed my parenting outlook and processes.  Knowing my kids are just one mouthful away from death refocuses me on the joys of living life to the full, on freedom within boundaries, on giving my kids knowledge to manage their allergies themselves and being responsible for their own well-being.

I’ve also survived three bouts of post-natal depression, sleep-deprivation, glandular fever, shingles and anxiety disorders.  I am a recovering perfectionist and much more forgiving of my own failures.  I’ve been in the depths of depression and I’ve come out the other side with a zest for life and an understanding and empathy for how isolating, and debilitating depression and anxiety can be.  It’s my mission to encourage mothers who are tired, depressed, stressed, strung-out, misunderstood, and who feel like they have to put on a brave got-it-all-together face, are keeping up with the Joneses, and feel guilty about taking time out for themselves.


Live Life Sketch

My website is dedicated to encouraging, educating, empowering and inspiring busy mothers who want to decrease stress, have more energy, raise awesome kids, nurture their creative streak, and embrace every day.

My weekly podcast “Stress Busters for Busy Mums” is an easy to listen, 20 minute podcast, that you can subscribe to straight from your smart phone, that pops up in your feed automatically, so you can literally chill out with me while doing the dishes, watering the garden, going for a walk, folding laundry, or having a cup of tea.  I will share strategies for decreasing your stress, which include health and fitness tips, nutrition, parenting tips and much, much more.  You can ask me questions on my website, or by email, and I may even answer them through one of my podcasts.

My new-found creative outlet of sketching features on this website too.  I have a music background and have sung and played various instruments for 25 years, but again, when kids came along, my priorities changed.  I realized I didn’t want to commit large amounts of my time to rehearsals.  A crafter all my life, I could cut and paste, and splash a bit of acrylic paint on canvas.  However, I also was far too lazy set up and clean up after painting with acrylics or set up and put away all my card-making materials each time I wanted a creative hit.  Then I discovered drawing and sketching.  Just 3 years ago, I learned from free-online lessons, books and eventually paid lessons to draw with charcoal, pencil, ink and watercolour.  I trained and honed my skills so I could draw quickly on location, so I wouldn’t annoy my fellow diners, and be able to ask my family to give me 10 minutes to draw something that would mean far more to me than a photograph.   Again, I was too lazy to write in a journal, and being visual, I loved zoning out for those few minutes to capture a memory of the day.  Sometimes I would take a photo and wait until the kids were asleep and sketch it.  I’ve whittled down what I can happily carry to create art on the go to a small sketchbook, a pen, waterbrush and mint tin filled with paint. I’ve met so many people who wish they could draw, and so I will share resources and tutorials so you can do this.  Seriously.  I’m not an expert by far, but I am a good student, and have found the lessons that resonated with me and I’ll share them with you.

I hope you will be encouraged to live life to the fullest, and embrace every day.