Deep Friendships

Stress Busters for Busy Mums Podcast

_podcastTemplateIn this day of social media, it can seem like we have many, many friends – but do we really?  Do you have friends who know you and love you well, so you are supported in the highs and lows of life.  There’s no time like now to deepen friendships with close friends and live life to the full.

In this week’s podcast I encourage you to seek friendships beyond the obvious ones to enrich your life and for you to enrich others.

Building Buffer

Stress Busters for Busy Mums

_podcastTemplateBeing prepared can literally save the day.  And so with this in mind, this week’s podcast covers a few areas in our lives where building in buffer or reserves can decrease stress.

Some practical tips include having a well stocked pantry, building in buffer into your estimation times for travel, saving money, and more.

By asking yourself, “What if?”, you can prepare yourself and save time and money as you plan your day.

Survival Mode – In the Trenches of Motherhood

Stress Busters for Busy Mums Podcast

_podcastTemplateSometimes we just have to go into survival mode for some seasons of our lives.  We all know those first few months of having a newborn means hunkering down to just eating, sleeping and keeping baby healthy and well.  Other times are when illness, grief, or other events come into our lives and we find ourselves dropping out of our normal lives  to deal with these.

In this week’s podcast I want to encourage you to seek help, to not do life in isolation at these vulnerable times.  If you are in a good place right now, then I want to encourage you to look around you and lend a hand to those in need.

Seek help from friends, family, doctors, counselors and help-lines.  In Australia, a fabulous resource is Beyond Blue with a 24 hour help line.  In the USA and UK, click on this link for phone numbers of various organisations.




Switching Off The Noise

Stress Busters for Busy Mums Podcast

_podcastTemplateAre you are the mercy of your smart technology ringing, dinging, singing, and buzzing at you all day?  Would you love to carve out a few hours of pure concentration for the job you have at hand without being interrupted?

In this week’s podcast I give you some ideas on how to manage some of the external demands that come through your technology notifications, or land on your desk.  Be more productive, more creative and have better focus by being in charge of when you deal with your emails, text messages and other notifications.


009 New Year Resolutions

Stress Buster for Busy Mums Podcast

_podcastTemplateHappy New Year!!  It’s that time of the year where many people try to make a fresh start, kick bad habits and set goals for the coming year.

Are you avoiding goal setting because you are afraid of failing?In this week’s podcast I share a few strategies to set realistic, attainable, sustainable goals by focusing on the long term and the reasoning behind your goal setting.

I discuss examples relating to food, exercise, relationship with your kids and time management.

Knowing your goals actually decreases your stress, because you can base quick decisions in light of them. You don’t have to deliberate over every decision as you will know if your choices bring you closer or further away from your long-term goals.