Deeper Experiences

Stress Busters for Busy Mums Podcast

_podcastTemplateWe can’t tangibly bottle up all the yummy memories of today and keep them forever, but we can still aim to be more engaged in the experiences we are having.  We can enjoy our children more or even enjoy the movie we are watching in a more engaged way.

Join me in today’s podcast where I share 3 strategies you can apply daily, so you can experience deeper, richer and more meaningful experiences.

013 Positive Stress

Stress Busters for Busy Mums

_podcastTemplateNot all stress is negative and indeed there are good stresses that enable us to grow, learn and mature.

Anxiety and stress can also be decreased when we understand why we are doing what we are doing, and seeing the big picture.

This week’s podcast sheds some light on seeing how positive stress can be embraced as part of your life.

011 Recharging Your Batteries

Stress Busters for Busy Mums Podcast

_podcastTemplateThere are a lot of facets to our lives that get depleted and require frequent replenishing.  Some of them include: sleep, nutrition, fitness, relationships, creativity, learning and emotions.

Join me in this week’s episode to discover aspects of your life that are important to you and to understand areas which require some attention and recharging to decrease your stress.