Face-Painting the Easy Way

Free Tutorial

This is a free 51 minute video tutorial that will get you face-painting in minutes. To be correct, this is actually cheek art, as we will be avoiding painting eyes, noses and mouths.

This is a very basic tutorial using minimal equipment – just one or two brushes and a one stroke paint pan.  I am using TAG brand paint and Global FX glitter glue in this demonstration.

Another short video will follow that walks you through on-location logistics and how to adhere to Australian Government health standards.

Time-Lapse Pomegranate

This is a direct painting of a pomegranate I cracked open, hoping to capture some of it’s intense red colour.  I also had to fight off the kids who kept wanting to eat my still-life set up.

I started quite deliberate and tight on the front seeds to make sure I captured the intricate light.  As I progress to the back of the painting, it gets looser with less definition.

It’s a challenge to leave whites, and if you lose them, you can always go over with some titanium white or gouache to regain your highlights.  Fine brushes help to keep paint away from the whites too.

This is still a work in progress and I continue to add darks to make it  really pop.

Daniel Smith watercolours on Saunders and Waterford High White paper.

Music: istockphoto.com/juqboxmusic

Time-Lapse Rose Painting

This is a time-lapse of a fun sketch I did of a rose that looked more like a tulip.  It was so intriguing that I couldn’t wait to paint it.  Apparently, it wasn’t the healthiest of roses, hence the lack of petals, but it’s now immortalised and enjoyed, nonetheless.  Loving sketching these moments that will remind me of the love and care that my mother-in-law puts into her rose garden, and how fleeting the beauty of a flower is.

Music: istockphoto.com/juqboxmusic

You Can Draw Too!

With my favourite resources


Courtesy of Zalira Dalton Photography

When I look at this charcoal drawing of my son, I’m floored.  Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine drawing anything like this.  Two years ago, I was a frustrated crafter-wanna-be-fine-artist.  I could do basic technical drawing, cut and paste, sew a bit, construct 3D things, splash acrylic paint in the semblance of an abstract graphic, or repaint the one oil painting I learned as a child – and that was it.  I felt I had hit an artistic ceiling.  I couldn’t draw anything from my imagination, and I couldn’t draw anything from a picture or real life.  In fact, I felt like I just couldn’t SEE what I was trying to draw.

And then I saw a sketchbook on Kickstarter that looked amazing (which by the way, never was received). That and an upcoming trip back to the USA gave me the impetus to learn as much as I could because I wanted to journal in pictures on our trip.  This lead me to borrowing every drawing, sketching, painting book and magazine from my local library, and after that, I bought too many e-books and physical books to count.  I scoured the internet for lessons, blogs, and forums soaking up everything I could.  I got to a point where I was able to find styles that resonated with me and slowly honed in on specific lessons, not trying to learn everything  that was available.
When people see me sketching on location, I inevitably have someone sigh, “I wish I could do that”.  To their surprise, I share that I couldn’t draw two years ago, but I have found some amazing resources that helped me more than others and I will share them here.