The Ultimate Hand-Luggage Packing Guide

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Yay! It’s holiday time! And if that means travelling by air or car, then this podcast is for you.

Trying to keep the kids fed, watered, entertained and attending to emergencies on a plane, while trying to enjoy your holiday travels doesn’t need to be daunting.

This is the geekiest packing guide you’ve probably come across, but if you want to be super-organised when you next fly or take a road trip, join me in this weeks’ podcast.

In my podcast I mention the Airpocket Bag (non-affiliate link), by an Australian company.  It’s made our lives even more organised!

Time-Lapse Dried Orchid

These dried orchids were too beautiful to throw away without capturing their beautiful forms.  This is a quick watercolour sketch that took about 13 minutes.  To really study the intricacies I’d really need to spend a few hours.

I’m using Khadi handmade watercolour paper A4 size, that is heavy weight with an uneven rough texture.  Daniel Smith watercolours and lots of water, make this super fun.  My favourite part is the end where I just add water and let all the pigment disperse however it wants.

Time-Lapse Chocolate Bunnies Sketch

This is a time-lapse of a sketch that took about 25 minutes in real life.

It was much easier to start with the Zebra Fude Brush pigment ink than other direct sketches I’ve done without the guiding lines.

I started with too much water, so it took a longer time to build the darks.  I normally like to start with heavy pigment and wash it out to create form.  This resulted in a sketch that took a lot longer than normal, but was still such fun.

Time-Lapse Stamp Sketch

A time-lapse video of a stamp sketch with colour pencil.  This was very challenging working on a small scale.  It was very difficult to get fine detail.  This could definitely benefit from some very fine black ink. I lost my whites, so added white gel pen to regain them.  Thirty  minutes in real time.

Time-Lapse Pure Caffeine

This was such a fun sketch to do, with no real pressure of time.  Approximately 30 minutes in real time. Sadly the video cut out two thirds into painting. I was so engrossed in it, I didn’t even notice until I went to edit it.  So here is the final sketch below.


Pure Caffeine Final Sketch


Time-Lapse Rose Painting

This is a time-lapse of a fun sketch I did of a rose that looked more like a tulip.  It was so intriguing that I couldn’t wait to paint it.  Apparently, it wasn’t the healthiest of roses, hence the lack of petals, but it’s now immortalised and enjoyed, nonetheless.  Loving sketching these moments that will remind me of the love and care that my mother-in-law puts into her rose garden, and how fleeting the beauty of a flower is.


Making Mini Travel Watercolour Palettes

In this video, I demonstrate the making of one of my miniature travel watercolour palettes from beginning to end using

  • a plastic pill box
  • empty half pans
  • blu-tac
  • Yupo
  • Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

These are easy to carry for sketching on location.  They will also satisfy that compulsive need to have your watercolours on-hand for those creative outbursts of energy, when you just need to splash some paint on paper.

For a complete minimalist sketch kit, add a water brush, sponge, and sketchbook.